Welcome to Ujo's documentation.

Here you'll learn more about the Ujo platform, including a number of resources to help get you started developing on it. You're welcome to help us improve our documentation through the links found at the bottom of each section or by going to our docs repository. If you have any general questions, email us at hello@ujomusic.com.


Ujo is a music platform that uses the ethereum blockchain as the substrate for innovation by empowering artists, digitizing their music rights and metadata, sharing this information in an open environment, thus enabling new applications, products, and services to license their catalogs and pay artists directly with minimal friction.

Vision / Mission

Our vision at Ujo is to empower music through a transparent and open ecosystem and our mission is to build resilient, sustainable and accessible infrastructure for artists supporters, and developers. Through building towards the creation of a fair, efficient, and decentralized music ecosystem, we hope to enable opportunity and creativity to flourish.

Ujo Platform

To execute the vision and mission, Ujo is developing and designing the core technologies and protocols necessary to create decentralized music applications with a variety of services that further empower those applications and the users of them. The aim to provide the immediate benefits blockchain and decentralized technologies offer (self-sovereign identity, portability, provenance, payment channels, security), while balancing the use of infrastructure that provides world-class user experiences and legal compliance. The Ujo platform documentation is intended to provide a resource for developers to build on top of and integrate open source protocols into applications and services across the decentralized music ecosystem.